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    I have two main issues with the phone, both which I can live with but since I am still within a return/exchange policy, I am thinking about exchanging for a new phone so I dont regret it in the future

    1) I have about 4 dead pixels on the screen. One very noticable red one in the upper left corner, then one smaller next to it, then two small ones in lower right corner.

    2) i have the loose battery issue where a couple times throughout the week my Pre will turn off after a sudden movement or when closing the phone hard enough. I know this issues has been addressed before and easy fix with paper but I hope not all Pres are like that

    My only concern about exchanging is I'd have to download and setup EVERYTHING over again which will take some time, seeing I have about 10 patches in Preware in addition to UberKernerl and games from App Catalog.

    I've never backed up a Palm Pre before, so is the process hard and what is the best route to go about backing up my profile and applications? Thanks!
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    I think the fix to the loose battery is a different battery, not a change to the phone. Dead pixels would bug me, for sure.

    The good news is that Preware and save/restore will make it simple to restore all the homebrew goodness you've been putting on your phone...
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    return it you shouldn't even wait
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    Preware save/restore, Palm Profile back up, Doctor, then return it.
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    I agree with jordan.
    Don't wait. Take it back.
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    Perfect- just the advice I needed- I do have a question regardin Save/Restore Preware

    I just installed it and and detected and updated my available applications including Preware, will that mean when I restore my application data, all the patches I downloaded within preware will also come back?

    Also where does it save the backup to? lol Im confused on that too. Thanks
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    You need to read all the instructions on the official thread for save/restore. It's way to much to post it here. You need to follow a specific set of steps to back up your application data (save/restore) and your preware patches (preware does this).

    I had to use this a couple of weeks ago and it worked beautifully!

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