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    i posted earlier about my pre not detecting network. within the last 4 days i have had three phones, two brand new, each working for about 24 hours, then losing the ability to dial or receive calls. (simple things, i.e. airplane mode, etc. checked). i've spent hours with both verizon and palm tech support with no resolution. for the phone i received yesterday i created a new profile. i used only a three palm approved apps, only manufacturer chargers, everything by the book. i'm happy to supply details off forum if needed. can anyone help me at all?
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    this is just crazy. it sounds like you live in a radioactive zone, or there are is a microwave tower beaming directly at your house... the only thing I can think of is to get a fully working phone and drive to another city for a few days. It seems like location is the only constant in your story.

    I know that my in-laws live on a block in a major city that has virtually no wireless service from any carrier or tv signal that has been explained by some odd placement of their block relative to a power station and a few other things that make no sense to me. But, I can walk about 10 houses in any direction and then the signal goes from zero to perfect. I spent a lot of time on the phone with AT&T and VZ trying to get them to figure it out or build a tower, etc. At the end of all of that, they gave up.

    Every time I'm there my cell phone is useless, as is everyone else's...

    If you took a phone that has failed to another location (i.e. 20 miles away) does it start working again, or is it a situation that once it fails, there is no recovery?

    Also, did you previously have a working phone? Was it 3G, and was it on the same carrier?

    You've got the makings of a movie plot in your story...
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    first phone malfunctioned in my home city - last two here in michigan. all pre's on verizon. last two were brand new. and both of those have functioned for about 24 hours before losing dialing capabilities.

    i don't believe it's a signal issue as other verizon devices here functioning perfectly, and i have received calls before the device malfunctions. interestingly the bar indicator shows 3-5 bars, but once 3g is lost, the battery drains, device heats, and no call capabilities.

    we have tried webos doctor, then could not reactivate phone (could not detect network), hard reset, etc.

    i thought it was something in backing up, but todays' backup occurred at 12:30 p.m. and i received a call at 8 p.m., so something was working until then. as a last ditch effort i uninstalled the three apps i had reloaded, performed manual backup, then turned off the device, to no avail.
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    did you get all the phones from the same store? Maybe they got a shipment that was cursed as it was loaded on the truck. Your story is just weird. Once, maybe. Twice is improbable. Three? Got figure out what the pattern is. Perfect plot for a TV mini-series so far...
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    i agree it seems bizarre, but i'm in a bind, and verizon isn't going to keep giving me phones.

    two phones here in michigan, one from ohio.

    it seems unlikely to be a hardware issue, but even reset to factory defaults haven't worked.

    i don't want 15 minutes of fame. i just want my phone to work.
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    are u using sprint cables to charge the phone? touchstone? airplane mode is off? the "phone radio" (which i think can only be turned off or on with a patch like quick system tasks) is on? can u roam at all?
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    The only other possible issue I could think of is that it could be something with your Verizon account. If you know anyone else that has a Verizon account do an MEID switch and move your phone to their account and see if the phone functions fine for a while. If it does then you know it's your account if it doesn't then it's your phone next step is finding out what is causing that.
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    i'm using palm cables, no touchstone, airplane mode off. all simple things checked already, and all else by the book.

    i have not done a meid switch with another device, but a simple account issue wouldn't seem to explain why all the phones worked fine on my account for a brief period before having the same problem.

    it's becoming a catch 22. palm says it's a provider issue, verizon says it's a hardware issue. i thought at first it was hardware, but after two new phones i can't believe that. (i'm now on my fifth pre).

    i've been online with palm level 2 tech support and supposedly someone from level 3 was supposed to contact me, but nothing yet. i've also been three way conferenced with verizon tech and palm tech.

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