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    Hi all,

    New Pre Plus user on Verizon. Was coaxed away from my iPhone 3G and haven't looked back once. I'm in love with this phone and have even converted my spouse, who previously used a Blackberry Curve, as well.

    I wanted to make a few minor adjustments to my Pre Plus, though, so I downloaded and installed webOS Quick Install and Preware. I've downloaded the touched-pixel radius patch, the Music Player Remix, and the additional autocorrect patch. They all seem to work great except...

    my Facebook and Twitter apps no longer update and provide notifications. I haven't changed the setting for either but I've noticed that I no longer get notifications when someone mentions my username on Twitter or when anyone I'm following posts a new tweet.

    Has anyone experienced this before after modding your phone?

    I'm going to have to uninstall everything and hope it goes back to normal until I can figure out which patch or mod is causing this weirdness.
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    I still get all my notifications from Facebook and email/sms whatever. I mean you can try uninstalling them to see but I don't think you should have a problem with any of those. Check your settings.
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