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  • I see drastic performance improvements!

    60 15.63%
  • I see a small performance improvement.

    197 51.30%
  • I do not notice any change in performance.

    112 29.17%
  • I actually see a small slowdown in performance

    6 1.56%
  • My phone is super laggy!

    9 2.34%
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    just got a replacement pre and going to try this.
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    Just did this on my O/C'd Pre Plus and was surprised at what a difference it made. Thanks for the tip.
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    I was a bit sceptical about making this change but reasoning prevailed. Glad I did it because my phone seems to respond more readily. Thanks.

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    I also saw a little more responsiveness and faster app loading time. I especially noticed the improvement in app loading. Need for Speed seemed to be one of the slowest loading apps I had seen, but since changing my logging it loads much quicker. I think it is worth changing the logging even if it is only a minor improvement.
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