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    Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI deliver driver software to allow iPad charging from the PC -- Engadget

    I'll have to wait till the phone is depleted a bit before testing it, but would this yield faster charge rates, or be able to run a TS off usb?
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    I'm not too sure about charging speed, but it should be able to run a Touchstone.
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    I realized that my laptop, which has 4 USB ports, has one of them specifically marked with a small lightning bolt icon next to the USB icon. I found out that means that port delivers a full amp (1000 mamps) for charging/power. So, not sure if this firmware update does the same thing or not.
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    I've heard those lightning ports supply power when the laptop is powered down, but still plugged in.

    It is easy enough to figure out. Try sticking a TS on that port, and also when it is shut down.

    I know that in device manager (on PC, of course) you can see amp ratings for some ports.
    Universal Serial Bus controllers- double click one in that list - power tab.
    Some do not have this tab, but all mine that do say: Total Power Available: 500mA per port, even after installing the update.

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