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    Hey, it's time to put this to a vote, is the Palm Pre really a chick's phone or does the Palm Pre appeal to both men and women alike? Let's settle this issue once and for all with a vote.
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    yes, although I have switched to chai tea and I have them put an umbrella in it.
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    It's a phone... doesn't matter who it's geared towards. If it does what you need it to, it's a great phone for you...
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    Hey I'm getting a Pixi Plus tomorrow so the Pre is positively overflowing with testosterone at this point!
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    no men like the pre.
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    none at all
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    I'm a dude and love my Pre. I plan on using it to take pictures of my burger grilling and beer drinking this evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    It is non-gender specific.
    It's PAT!
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    I have a Pre and I just sold one to my brother. It's as girly or as manly as a iPhone IMO
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    I'm an Alien and I like my Palm Pre!!!!!!!!!!
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    Uh.. a more productive poll to see what gender owns/wants a pre would have been I have a pre and I'm a male/female | I want a pre and I'm a male/female (4 options total) or something along the line of It's not gender specific | It's a chick's phone but I bought it anyway | It's a man's phone but I bought it anyway |Who cares? It's a holiday, go outside and BBQ (4 options total) Just my 10 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kid james View Post
    I'm an Alien and I like my Palm Pre!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, but are you a male, female, or hermaphrodite?
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Ok, ok, this whole thing stems from the general hardware design of the Pre. Really, I think it has less to do with it "looking" like a girls phone verses a guys, and more to do with the fact of the Pre looking and feeling like some fragile piece of art or jewelry. My old Treo looked and felt like tool, a gadget for work. I knew it could take the abuse of everyday use. The Pre...I love it, but I always feel I need to keep it safe and be careful when using. It's elegant and beautiful and the first time I saw it, I thought it should be in a glass case on display.

    So, did they make the Pre as a woman's phone, no. ...but, the design is more like that of a really nice car you take out only on the weekends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    Yes, but are you a male, female, or hermaphrodite?

    Hey now. Check at the top, it just checks for male, female or alien. NOT if I am a male or female alien. Nowhere it asks asks for hermaphrodite. BTW, I am a male. James is for the late Jesse James(I was born on the same day as him), not in the same year.
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    Well, it's got as much female curves as a phone can get I guess, so that should make it a guy phone! And that's probably why I like it so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rog47776 View Post
    Ok, ok, this whole thing stems from the general hardware design of the Pre....
    I think it's more because all the ads that Palm and Verizon ever ran positioned it as a woman's phone. Remember the "for busy Mom's" commercials? Remember the lady walking down the street using google maps to shop? Even the one-handed vertical keyboard made possible by being slightly smaller than an iPhone was done to appeal to smaller hands...

    If you look at old interviews, Palm acknowledges that they tried to "differentiate" by designing a phone that "could" be promoted directly to females because in their research they found that no other phone had been been designed/targeted that way. They just forgot to ask the important follow up questions as to "WHY no other phone maker had done that before..." Answer: "Cuz it is a stupid thing to do. "

    Remember when Cadillac tried to run an ad that had previously featured a man, and then used the same exact script but with a woman speaking the lines? The difference was the double-entendre because the lady driver was getting turned on as she stomped the pedal and raced through a tunnel in her powerful car... so guys watched the ads... but it didn't create any sales. Notice those ads didn't stay on the air very long... it offended women rather than making them want to get that car to be "one of the guys..." while making it less manly to their existing base.

    What Palm wound up getting from this foolishness is the "Boxster of smart phones". Easily something a guy would drive and appreciate - but just not something to brag about to people they don't know... OMHO
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    I couldn't resist voting alien. Sorry
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    I am also male and love my phone my wife also has the pre and she lovers hers so I beilieve it doesn't matter I don't think it is just a girl phone the pixi imo looks like a girl phone
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    Men like the Pre, but Girls (Women) also rock!
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    If you feel emasculated because you think its a "chick's" phone, then you have insecurity issues. It's a freakin' phone get over it.
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