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  • Men like the Palm Pre too!

    187 82.74%
  • Girls rock!

    9 3.98%
  • Aliens also like the Pre!

    30 13.27%
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  1. MiguelATF's Avatar
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    Well, I am a "man" - or at least a male - and not only do I have a PRE which I use on a daily basis but I also love it.

    So there.

    But. Perhaps that means I'm merely expressing my inner Female Side? After all, all of us are complex beings with components of the so-called male and female gender specific behaviors and instincts within us - men have feminine sides and women have masculine sides - so it's possible my enjoyment of my merely an example of applied Behavior Psychology and elementary instinctive Biology?! further complicate the issue, I bought an excellent Touchstone-compatible hard protective outer case for me Pre - which I picked up down at a local Verizon store though my Pre is a Sprint model (proving the cross-pollinization of phone providers as well as flowers!) -

    And my case is two-tone: the back of it is a somber Black....but the front is a muted but still strong PINK!

    It's the first phone I've ever owned with a pinkish protective case.

    So either that makes me a pink man.....a feminine-influenced guy....or as I voted.....a happy-with-his-Pre-phone ALIEN!!!


    (NOTE: my name is in secret alien code for fellow aliens:

    M = Malevolent
    I = Intelligent
    G = Gooey
    U = Uber-Species
    E = Endangered
    L = Lighter-than-Air-Levitator!

    I've been stuck on this planet ("earth") for too long in isolation and am hoping to receive some coded messages on my PRE (P = Powerful, R = Rubbery, E = Endomorphic) Alien-Messaging-Device

    Miguel Tejada-Flores
    Somewhere in Oregon
    and occasionally Guadalajara
    FrankenPre PRE 2 on Sprint (in USA)
    Original PRE on Telcel (en Mexico)
    Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rog47776 View Post
    I think it has less to do with it "looking" like a girls phone verses a guys, and more to do with the fact of the Pre looking and feeling like some fragile piece of art or jewelry. It's elegant and beautiful and the first time I saw it, I thought it should be in a glass case on display.
    The design is very elegant and refined. Plus the fact that it often sits on a little pedestal (the TS) gives one the added impression that it resembles a small work of art. I think it was ingenious of Palm to devote so much time with regard to how the device should look and how it should feel in the hand.
    So - does its refinement mean it's a chick phone? Not at all. It just means that those who like it and want one are equally refined.
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    Didn't you know the Pre has the darn best alien technology? Roger McNamee sold me the phone and said so!

    So of course Aliens use it!
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    I just wish it had a big logo or some distinguishing mark so people would recognize it. When the screen isn't lit up, it just looks like a random phone or coin purse. When people set down an Android or iPhone, people know what it is and may ask about it. I have yet to have someone notice my Pre and ask me what it is. I don't think they realize it is a phone unless I tell them or turn it on...
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    Everyone knows my phone,as i make a point of sticking it under their noses.
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    i'm in no way embarressed by my pre but I must admit it does have girlie features such as the mirror, small dimensions and rounded corners.
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    it is without a doubt the most girlie phone i have owned... i need to go buy some shoes to match it
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    LMAO this poll made my day. Verizon marketing does not a phone make. LOL Pre ONLY for women? Really? I'd say it's more for a GEEK than a gender!

    Samsung Fascinate Rooted
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    it is without a doubt the most girlie phone i have owned... i need to go buy some shoes to match it
    This season, mauve is the new black.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    This season, mauve is the new black.
    It's totally jerkin'

    Samsung Fascinate Rooted
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    it is without a doubt the most girlie phone i have owned... i need to go buy some shoes to match it
    Quick man dressing tip: Shoes match the belt, not the phone
    Master Pants, Lord of the Universe, Groupie of Blaize

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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Hey, it's time to put this to a vote, is the Palm Pre really a chick's phone or does the Palm Pre appeal to both men and women alike? Let's settle this issue once and for all with a vote.
    I didn't realize it was an issue that needed settled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Quick man dressing tip: Shoes match the belt, not the phone
    What if the shoes match the phone and the belt? If it were pink I'd say...we have a chick phone.

    Also, don't take advice from taxi drivers
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    I think im going to cry... *sniff*
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    I never thought of this phone as being gender-specific before I read this post. I saw some ads, but none of them screamed "girly". My impression of the phone was that it was more "Zen-like", with its river-stone shape and flowing lines. As a Buddhist this appealed to me!

    Look, I grew up in America, the land of marketing, and there's only two ways to make something for women: a cutesy image (like a kitten), or the colors pink or purple. If it lacks either of those things it's for both men and women. Mirrors? How in the world has the mirror become a female thing to own? I use multiple mirrors every day! Mirrors, in fact, are a marvel of engineering -- to spread and polish silver so thin is amazing.

    That they would even attempt to market this to one gender or another kind of boggles the mind. Like with cleaning supplies. I don't think I've ever seen a man shown with a Swiffer or Pledge. Yeah, I'm a man and I clean surfaces, too!

    I have a few issues with marketing and gender roles in America. It's an interesting subject, though, and one day I hope to read an informative book about it.
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    Me like also manly wondering how iphone escapes this question since men like fix and upgrade stuff, and iphone say push screen and shut up?
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    to be perfectly honest, i seem to see more girls with iphones than guys.

    really i don't see *anyone* with a pre, in my country

    the idea that a phone, other than a pink one, can be 'for girls'? Bloody ridiculous.
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    I would sport this phone if it were pink and the default ringtone was 'It's Raining Men'! After seeing WebOS it didn't matter to me what it looked like. Plus a little Preware or WebOSQI can fix the girly stuff...oh yeah if it were pink...magic marker baby!!!
  19. prince201's Avatar
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    I'm a guy and I love my Pre! I also love women, because they rock!
  20. bennish's Avatar
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    well said prince201. Well said.
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