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  • Running at 800mhz full time - no problems

    61 40.40%
  • I use scaling to reduce the load on the processor - no problems

    85 56.29%
  • My processor is fried. Overclocking is dangerous.

    1 0.66%
  • I can't overclock. I have a Pixi. We need overclocking for the Pixi!

    4 2.65%
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    Has anyone to date suffered a fried processor? I've been running my Pre at 800mhz full time since the early beta and have had no problems.

    Hopefully the Pixi processor is equally robust when/if a Pixi overclock is released.
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    All is quiet (and fast) here!
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    No problems here, been running 800 since early beta, as well.
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    Goin' strong and lovin' it! 800MHz from early on and now Uberkernal with Govnah settings rock
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    I did just get my device replaced for an unrealated problem and have not got the random luna restart since. I don't think it was the patch though.
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    My Pre is still running fine with Uber Kernal.

    My Pre is a ticking time bomb anyway since I have the dreaded USB crack that's slowly spreading towards the screen
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    There was no option for my vote. I'm running the UK on screenstate at 720Mhz. No problems.
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    Hasn't caught fire yet
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    All good here on Uberkernel and Govnah. Using Screenstate mode.

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    I will just say that my phone and CPU are holding up better than the rest of me... Gravity can be so cruel.

    Also, I predict that there won't be a single post here from someone that fried their CPU. If anyone had, I'm sure it would have been posted instantly and made headlines in the overclocking threads. The overclocking developers did an amazing job of designing and testing the solution. I'm still amazed that Palm still ships underclocked phones. I'll bet Ruby uses UberKernel...
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    Palms response as to how dangerous the patch is seems to be overblown. I haven't heard or seen anyone do damage to thier phone from the patch. Palm seems to have aired on the side of caution too much with the patch.
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    It was either overclock it or throw it against the wall. I'm positive that overclocking has produced much less damage.

    Been running Uberkernal w/Govnah, Screenstate 500/800.
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    I've been running the 800mhz but went to 720mhz about a month ago. My phone has suffer I believe a few overheating issues (all my fault of course) and it's getting slow to respond. My screen flickers when trying to wake up phone so I think it's a matter of time before it's toast.
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    Mine seems to be holding up fine, but I wonder if there is a bit of a placebo effect. I don't believe I've noticed any drastic increases in speed and/or responsiveness. Did I do something wrong?
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    No prob here....
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    we all know we're gonna jump for new phones when they're released, so... why not go ahead and fry!!

    on a related note... i don't like using governors or anything, i'm totally obsessive about checking settings... would it be safe to just put a 720 fulltime patch on? i'm currently running 600 fulltime (i know the 720 requires a kernel change)
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    You can do that with UK/Govnah... Just use the performance governor with whatever frequency you want.
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    More important: How's your battery life at 800MHz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    More important: How's your battery life at 800MHz?
    I actually don't seem to have noticed a huge difference as of yet. I'll keep watching it like a hawk, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    More important: How's your battery life at 800MHz?
    I actually haven't seen any noticeable difference in battery. I know it's not logical for this to be the case, but that's how it seems. Also the vast majority of the alpha testing done before it was released showed statistically that battery differences were negligible between 500mhz and 800mhz.
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