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  • Running at 800mhz full time - no problems

    61 40.40%
  • I use scaling to reduce the load on the processor - no problems

    85 56.29%
  • My processor is fried. Overclocking is dangerous.

    1 0.66%
  • I can't overclock. I have a Pixi. We need overclocking for the Pixi!

    4 2.65%
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    My Pre has had the overclock since day 1 of it's release. I had the 800 sh file, then the SuperKernal, and now Govnah and Uberkenernal. It's running great and I honestly don't know how I survived without it
    No overheating issues and as far as battery; maybe it's in my head but the battery seems to be better with the kernal.
    Oh yeah, only on my second Pre since launch day.
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    I put a glue paste on it, I don't know what it's called, but it hardens, and my crack hasn't advanced in months, and it has taken some serious knocks since. I have on the bodyglove so you see the paste. I do see a weakened area under the plastic close to the screen, but I think that has been there ever since.

    BTW, UberKernel/Govnah, and great so far..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    My Pre is still running fine with Uber Kernal.

    My Pre is a ticking time bomb anyway since I have the dreaded USB crack that's slowly spreading towards the screen
    My above post was in reference to yours, but I didnt quote sorry..
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    Other than occasional restarts that I belive are related to 1.4.1, I'm loving the overclock patch. To be honest with you, I forget that I have it sometimes and I feel like this is how the phone should have been from day one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by errade View Post
    I actually haven't seen any noticeable difference in battery. I know it's not logical for this to be the case, but that's how it seems. Also the vast majority of the alpha testing done before it was released showed statistically that battery differences were negligible between 500mhz and 800mhz.
    This is "race to idle" showing up: - Saving Power on Intel systems with Linux

    Basically the idea is that no matter what state you have the processor in, it uses significantly less power when in idle state than in powered on state. If you can get the processor to idle state more quickly, you end up saving power.
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    i have mine set to 800 min and max and have no problems... battery life is better and no heat problems... everything just operates so much smoother now. not to mention FASTER
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    was working fine until i dropped it and car drove over it... now trying to get
    it to go for 800 on it... direction and help would be thankful and appreciated
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    no, but seriously, overclocking my pixi would be nice :/
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