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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    If you want to do a Secure Full Erase, one method would be to re-activate your old phone via Sprint's website (ESN swap) - you can then login to your old profile which would allow you to do the secure full erase. Once that is done, perform the ESN swap back to your new device.

    There may be an easier way but the above should work.

    Edit: Here is another method you could try, not sure if it will work but it's used to access the USB drive if your Pre's touchscreen doesn't work:

    Hook up your Pre to a computer with a USB cable and hit Option + Sym + U (for USB) and see if the Pre will mount as a USB drive. You then have access to your files which you can delete BUT if you want to do a secure delete (remove all traces), you may need a 3rd party "file shredding" program.
    I can only get to usb by removing battery + hook up usb cable + holding volume up button. This will back allow WebOS Doctor but PC/Mac won't recognize usb plugged in. Tried the Orange+Sym+U but = no go. I'm afraid I'll need to take your first recommendation. Thanks for the help!!
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