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    I am not a Pre newbie (had 4 of em since launch day), and I remember reading somewhere (I believe on this site) that Docs2Go was not going to develop for Palm anymore or something like that. But, not being able to USE it anymore? Come on!!!! I am always getting Office doc's on my Pre and until about 2 months ago, could open all attachments from my email accounts. Does ANYONE know of a workaround- homebrew or otherwise? I have about one month left til my Premier upgrade and I need to make the best of a bad situation. I got iPhone users at work clowning me with the whole "Oh, I thought your phone was some sort of dope technology?"

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    DocView still works for me..
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    What types of files in particular are you having trouble opening? I just emailed myself a Word 2003 document (.doc) and it opened fine.
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    To clarify, everytime I open a office doc on my pre from email as an attachment, it apologizes on an error out screen. Not cool.
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    Maybe I will try to reset phone.
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    Try some restarts. If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have any patches that interfere with docs.

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