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    In addition to the ability to force forward all calls to another number, most GSM phones allow you to specify what happens to a call under different conditions:
    - Ring no answer
    - Busy (if don't have call waiting, or in the process of connecting)
    - Phone unavailable (off or out of range)

    This is very nice to have if you use alternative voice-mail systems (like google voice)
    For some reason ATT/Pre does not surface those capabilities. The only setting we get is forward all calls under all conditions.

    Here is a table which lists the standard GSM codes that you can "Dial" to get access to conditional forwarding. And as usual, this table was written by a committee of engineers and it is a bit hard to follow.

    this is how I understood the terms:

    Activate = setup the forwarding and the number
    Cancel&Retain = Cancel the forwarding but remember the number
    Reestablish = turn on the forwarding with the number that that he system remembers
    Cancel&Forget = Cancel the forwarding and do NOT remember (erases) the number
    Status = this code returns a message from the system (ATT) with the status of your forwarding, and the number in memory

    These are standard GSM codes and are the basic set. Most GSM providers around the world should support this subset. There are many more that are not as common and some which are specific to a provider.

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    There is an app in Homebrew called "GSMCallDiversion" ...
    it do all kind of Call Forwarding so check it out

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