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    hope someone can help me. got pre in march and had downloaded only a few catalog apps - no beta apps. 3 days ago phone suddenly was unable to make, receive calls or sms, even though it detected 5 bars (no 3g). battery drain was hugh and phone ran very hot (as though it had something continuously running). i originally thought it might have been precipitated by mobile hotspot, although i had used that function previously. all simple things checked (not signal issue, other verizon devices functioning, data plan on, etc., battery reinstalled). verizon store could not help (another long story) i eventually contacted palm tech support - reinstalled webos via doctor but then could not log into profile because it could not connect to network (no network detected). conference called with verizon (yet again) and they agreed to give me new phone yesterday. at the store i was able to login to profile and everything worked fine yesterday afternoon, including phone function, at my current location. this morning, phone ran hot with notable battery drain. no 3g signal again, unable to call. i tried to delete all data with reset. now cannot login again - no network detected (still 3-5 bars, no 3g).

    it seems unlikely to be another hardware issue, given the same problem with two new/nearly new devices. i am trying to remember if i downloaded any new apps within the last 4 days - the only one might have been painter lite (or something like that), but i can't recall exactly when i did that and i only download through the catalog. as the new phone worked fine until overnight, i wondered if there might be a something in the backup files causing this. palm chat not helpful this morning - told me to get another phone from verizon.

    any thoughts?

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    are you charging with touchstone? Are you using only palm-branded charger?

    I recommend you install preware and get the battery monitor app and battery temp warning patched. That way you have an objective measure of how hot it is...

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