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    I bought my Palm Pre in Asia from Expansys Hong Kong and turned it on in Thailand where I live, created my profile and never was able to access the app store at all. I travelled to the USA this month, reset the profile with new information and a US AT&T sim card BUT still didn't work!! and couldn't access the app store at all (I mean not the free nor the paid). Can anyone help please? I love the phone but if you can't access the app store at all's a half phone.
    Thank you all,
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    I hope some one will find a solution for this problem because i have no more than
    50 useless app
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    good news
    How do you know that? did they said it
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Yes, Rubinstein called me the other day to tell me I wasn't getting the 1.4.5 update first this time, because of my poor attitude towards Palm on this forum, but that, in return, he would open shop internationally and add paypal payment options to the AppCat.
    Good one Tomi.
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    Palm seems to increased the free apps countries but when asking about this on Palms forum. Support suggested that I spoke to the carriers so that one would get a contract with Palm.

    Is this how carrier marketing is done now that they fired their chief? Palm, ive done enough commercial for your phones and its been pretty pointless.

    My friends love webOS but can't be bothered importing a unsupported device like I did. Trust me ive actually spoken to some carriers but do you think my wishes get through to the correct persons?
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    This is an old thread but I'm not sure if the issue's been answered: any changes to international access to the app store?
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    any indications on how the Tre will be end of this summer ?

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