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    Let me start this out by telling you I'm not a programmer. I have done some programming in the past on a PC but, I'm not a programmer. I'm an addict. I've probably spent more than a thousand dollars on apps between Palm OS & Web OS. I'm currently running 101 patches inside of 207 installed packages. I like to check stuff out.

    Anyway, the one overriding factor or missing factor I'm seeing in most current Web OS apps (beta, homebrew or official) is that they aren't following Palm's latest convention of inter-linking apps through phone number or email/web address. Meaning - you can't tap-hold on a phone number and either SMS/Phone that number or tap on an email/web address and it automatically opens email or the web.

    Naturally you can't apply this everywhere I'm sure but, maybe follow the base convention in text fields like note fields? I had to resort to using the Palm Memos app to do this when I have already purchased a couple of apps that are supposed to be better than the standard Memo app. The apps are actually better/faster for other things but it would be nice if they could do what I'm talking about as well.

    Just my thought, I'm sure there are other areas of concern for the rest of you.
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    Another dumb one I see all the time is when a field requires a numeric value and you click into it, it does not automagically go into "number mode" (like hitting the orange/gray button twice).
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    Fuel is a good example of an app that does enter the right modes. All numeric fields default to numeric input. I agree that more devs should follow the practice.
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