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    Hello again

    I've got a blocked Pre from O2 UK and want to use it in Poland. I find out that I can use a Rebel Sim Card (because of Pre wants Unblock Code and network connection). People from Rebel Sim tech support told me that Rebel Sim Card should work for me if I have a Profile already created...But I haven't created it beacause of simlock and no access to local network... ;/ What do you think friends, will it blend? I only want to know if with this card I will be able to create my new profile...

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    Ok, I'll PM him, thax for the info Do you think that guys from O2 UK store could unblock this phone and turn back the finctionality? Maybe could I ask my friend in UK for the help...Give him IMEI (or send him the phone) and they unblocking the phone (to work with O2 network) and I'm buying the code from NextGenServ...What do you think? Have they got such a tools? And second. If they bring me back the phone functionality (for O2 UK network only) will the Nextgenserv tool be able to help me if I can not set new profile and the dev-mode? I can only set the service-mode (Big USB logo on screen)...
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    it's ok, I know now how to make profile via WiFi...The main problem for me is now how to remove this ****ty blockade...I think I will send e-mail to O2 tech support and maybe they will tell me that they can (or not) turn the O2 functionality back (without removing simlock) if I want to use it with O2 Network :]
    thanks Tomi for your help, you're the best

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