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    LOL! "Suffonsified"?? Please...the next time you rename one of my thread titles, perhaps you can make sure that all words you choose be found in the English language....
    Perhaps you are more used to the Canadian selling, eh ...sophonsified.
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    For those of us who remain in the dark: World Wide Words: Suffonsified

    The Pre-Plus + Wifi hotspot would indeed be suffonsification itself, but I'm not sure more would be superfluous in either the double or the single sense.
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    Glad it seems like I was not the only one wondering what the heck that word meant.
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    I went to the Barnes and Noble store yesterday and I found out that they put atthotspot for free in that store. So I took out my laptop and connected to their wifi and it was so freaking slow. So I just used my Pre Plus hotspot and it was so nice and much faster. So eve if you have public hotspot in your neightborhood, Pre Plus hotspot can be faster.
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    Gotta love the FREE VZW Mobile Hotspot! DH and I were on vacation last week in TN and used our laptops WiFi via either his or my Pre Plus. Worked SUPER well. AND we saved the cost that the resort wanted for internet access (it was $50 for the week, i believe.) It is a battery drainer, but just kept it on the TS. Love it! ANOTHER reason we love our Pre Pluses!!
    Works like nothing else!
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