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    My work sends me orders with a pdf attached to the email. On my blackberry i click it and then i can scroll zoom in and out with the trackball.

    I have just read a little about the touch zoom being in 1.3 and then taken out .....and then back now with the double tap to zoom in.

    HOWEVER the latest post was almost 2 months ago and yes with 1.4.1 . The last referance was for a REDUX patch? Dont know enough about it yet.

    So again , you people who recieve pdf files as attachments on emails........ How are you liking it ? Please enlighten us on the current status and how to make it work? Please. I get my phone monday or tue and if I cant get this to work right by friday...... I am going to have to send it back
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    My pinch and zoom in PDFs is working just fine. I know that at one point you had to double tap to zoom, but they have changed it. Pinch and Zoom is good to go!!
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    What about all the talk about the phone freezing or lagging on pdf scrolls and trouble moving through pages of a PDF file.

    In addition to overall pdf support and viewing, has data viz got an app in this phone now ? Are we waiting on some magical application from them to stop any remaining problems.

    I really dont care about PDF edit. However PDF viewing should be perfect. Its been too long as a norm not to be.
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    i know its a crazy question but I cant be the only one who wants to know.........
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    I only get invoices from my ISP, but never had any luck opening them. Just keep getting "Render document failed".
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    Just for added info, I think you have encountered this error message when opening up a PDF file on the Pre, either obtained thru USB sync or attachments from email messages,

    PDF View has encountered an error. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Error message:
    Render document failed

    After testing several sample files there could be some other PDF Producers that are still not supported but so far the ones below are tested to work as simulated on a Pre with 1.1.0 software version.

    > acrobat distiller 8.0.0. (mac)
    > acrobat distiller 7.0.5 (mac)
    > acrobat distiller 7.0 (windows)
    > acrobat distiller 5.0.5 (windows)

    > ovis pdf-office by Universe Software

    note : PDF files without PDF Producers will also work as simulated....

    Thank you for your support of Palm products.

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