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    Hi All,

    I'm not trying to download a torrent or anything like that, but if I need to download a small zip/rar file and open that to my Pre, is there an app to do that? My Pre+ starts the download and then I get an icon Yellow triangle with ! inside. It's as if the Pre needs to understand the file to download it? I believe that's a little stupid-it should download the file to a temp/download directory of my choosing, then let ME decide what to do with it.

    Any suggestions? I've searched for this already and didn't find any topic in forums.
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    You need a computer and a tethering cable. Attach your pre to the laptop with the cable. Put your Pre in USB mode. You can open the file, and then, if you have winrar or winzip, you can unzip it to your Pre.

    There is no unzipping program made to run on the Pre that I know of.
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    Maybe someone could make an app that uploads it to a server, unzips it, and allows you to download it back.
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    Well with as powerful a processor and with Internalz as file manager, I would think the proper way to do it would be with a program, like on my Nokia phones. I miss certain features but really love my Pre. I guess I can do without the compressed file management but it really blows that I have all this capability and so many limitations. I would kill for Skype right now too, by the way. Would certainly pay a lot for a one time fee Nav (a years worth of ATT NAVG is the price of a great Garmin). Sigh.
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    If you have the Terminal homebrew app installed, you can use the unzip command to unzip zip files. Someone could write a front end for it.

    There is no unrar command built-in. Tar and gzip do exist though.

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