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    Good morning all,

    I was wondering if I go to the Verizon store to have 2 of the phones on my family plan switch #'s if I have to remove preware and all the themes that are on my pre, or can they switch #'s the way it is?(filled with patches and such) lol

    Also how is the best way to remove all of my patches and themes and how would I get it back the same way it is now?

    Thankk you for any help you might have
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    You should be able to do this online in Verizon's "my account" area.
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    That would be great, do you know what the tab would be to switch I must be missing it, the only one I see is th "change # , that is tring to assign a new # not switch. Thanks again
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    You can do a chat with a VZ Customer Service Rep while on the VZ site. They should be able to help you that way.
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    thank you I was able to get this done! This site is great!

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