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    I've owned a Pre Plus for about a week and a half and i was at first horrified by the battery drain i had. For the past days i was averaging at about 10 / 11% an hour, without even touching the phone! (i checked all the usual options, mail receive, sync options...)

    Then i found out while trying to put music on my pre, that the pre was no longer recognized by my pc. It was automatically charging, the option to load a usb drive didnt work. I did some research and it turned out that the Unlock client i had used to get my Pre on my network (Orange in France) had left the USB Passthrough mode on the USB port. I googled a whole night to find out how i could disable it (webos doctor wouldn't even recognize the phone...) and finally found the #*USBPASS# trick in the dialer. Anyways, i put the USB1 to None (it was set to Diag), rebooted, and went on with my business as usual, only to find out that my battery drain had reduced considerably, to the point of only losing about 1 to 3% per hour while idle!

    I'm in the process of making a little table with all my battery usage, recording the percentage every hour with different settings, but it really seems as if the USB Passthrough mode was really the culprit for this battery drain. I'm only posting here so that maybe a palm dev might come across this and check if this is an isolated issue or maybe it's just the diag's mode normal behavior? Maybe someone else could try and set their pre to diag mode and check the battery usage then?

    I understand the diag mode isn't supposed to be used, but i find it strange that it was loosing that much battery with it set to on?
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    Are you using the homebrew app Battery Monitor to track your use?
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    I didn't have preware installed before this morning, i'll look into that thanks
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    My battery drain seems a lot worse when I am in 1x coverage area instead of Ev ....
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    Hi DeKay,
    I think I hit the same problem with my GSM O2 Ireland Pre about a month ago. The battery was all fine, lasted ~ 1 day with my settings (GPS & BT off, 3G enabled, some email sync in the background etc).

    After using Nextgenservers Pre unlock solution (which worked 100% fine by the way), I also forgot to reset the USB passthrough mode to normal again.

    The went down to 4-6hrs (drain of ~10-20% per hour) - even when not using it. (with GPS, BT, 3G, background syncs for facebook, email etc etc completely disabled and not even touching the phone).

    After 2 weeks of this and checking various things, I noticed that I forgot to reset the passthrough mode (i.e. the Pre when plugging into the PC did also not ask whether to "charge" or switch to "USB mode" anymore).

    I am convinced that this must have caused the drain, because after resetting the passthrough mode, the battery is back to its normal capacity.

    I am also very puzzled why the passthrough mode could cause such a drain? Maybe some process gets started in the background that overeagerly monitors the USB ports to allow for passthrough that causes this drain?

    But I can confim that I had exactly the same problem. Now it's all good again with it set to normal.

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