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    I am just now watching the season finale of house and noticed House using a pre... the second time I see the phone (when he's down with hannah whose leg is trapped) she points out that his phone DOES work and that he was lying earlier. He then replies

    Switched carriers, better rollover minutes
    I figured I'd share this with all the other pre lovers.
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    aww, later in the episode it became obvious it wasn't a pre
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    Dr. Brennan uses one on the show Bones - they've used Palm products for years on the series.
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    Same for Castle.

    And Fringe...I think.
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    Saw Horn Rim Glasses rock a Pre several times on Heroes...
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    Saw a Palm Pre in the recent episode of ABC's FastForward.
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    Detective Beckett uses it all the time in the show Castle. Even the touchstone.

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