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    Downloaded the proverbial Twitter, Facebook, Weather apps. Loading up PreWare now... what to do next... In the 20 minutes I've used this, I can say webOS is one of the easiest, most intuitive mobile OS'es to manage and get around in. Dig the App Catalog feel. I have a feeling my wallet will be hurting trying stuff out.

    BTW, I'm on Mac too FYI. QuickInstall worked like a charm.
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    overclock it with UberKernel/Govna. Then the patch to have more than 3 launcher pages so you can organize the tons of stuff (including losts of fart apps) you will download - which will pound your battery to death. Then you will hit the PreCentral store to buy the 1350mah extended battery and an external charger so you can keep swapping batteries, and then.....

    you won't have made eye contact with anyone in your house for days by the time you realize you are hooked...
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    what is preware and what is it used to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasong888 View Post
    what is preware and what is it used to do?
    Preware is an app that gives you access to tons of homebrew apps, patches, themes, and other fun stuff. You can read more about it here:
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    but you can also download the apps from this website and simply install them using Quick Install. Preware gave me issues so i had to can it.

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