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    Hey everyone -

    I have had the Pre Plus for about a month now and love it! Thanks to this community, I have downloaded and installed several enhancements to the phone and can not even remember what it was like with my old Verizon LG model.

    The only issue I have thus far is this - the top part of the phone is a tad wobbly or shaky when closed but fine when I slid it open. Is this pretty commun with the Pre Plus due to the sliding? Anything I can do to "tighten" it?

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    Yea, that sounds pretty normal. It's better known as the "oreo effect" around here. There are some methods people use to tighten it up a bit, but it's kinda tricky. As long as it doesn't really bother you, you should be fine.
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    Crazy as it seems, that pressure method worked a bit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elindquist1 View Post
    Crazy as it seems, that pressure method worked a bit!
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    I've had my Pre + for about a month too.. and now you've got me nervous. (heh)

    No "oreo effect" for me yet.
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    I hope the AT&T version of the Pre Plus doesn't end up with this problem.
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    I have a Pre Plus and I keep wiggling the top slightly to see if I have oreo yet....which will likely develop an oreo efect if I keep wigglin it!
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    Don't get that scared. Only a slight wiggle, nothing crazy. I am just a tad anal when it comes to this stuff!

    Download preware and the uber kernel and you are all set. That will take your mind off it!
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    "I hope the AT&T version of the Pre Plus doesn't end up with this problem."

    It does.

    Got my ATT Pre Plus on 5/19 via Wirefly. Within hours of firing it up it was noticeably looser. It continued getting looser in to the next day before it stabilized and has grown no worse since. The amount of side twist (when closed) really isn't that much-it's just that the top piece is noticeably looser. There is a visible gap between the halves-mainly at the top end-of about 5 sheets of paper thickness when closed. This gap is free play/sloppy, not rigid (like if the rails themselves had been bent out of shape).

    As long as it gets no worse or impacts the functionality of the device, I can live with it as just an inherent Pre quirk. It does bug me, however and I will continue to explore viable methods of improving the situation.

    Other than that, it is a FABULOUS device.
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    They all have the oreo effect to som extent, but the plus versions seem to have a factory fix making them tighter from the start. IMO

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