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    I had to get a new Pre due to issues with the touch screen. Once all the apps completed downloading, I tried to log into DQ. It only gives me the option to create a new account. I tried to enter my already created username, but of course, it says there is already an account with that name. Anyone know how to transfer devices?
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but every time I've read that someone had paid apps that didn't transfer, they've had to contact Palm to have it taken care of on there end.

    Perhaps HardBeatZ (our awesome resident Palm guy) will see this post and be able to help you out!
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    I was going to ask this question. I just got a replacement yesterday and now I can't access my DQ (no, not dairy queen) account. I don't have facebook
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    I need to know too... Now that I've changed my handset I cannot link DQ on my new phone to my facebook account. Does anyone know how I can unlink DQ from my old phone and link it to the new one?

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