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    Well, i am wanting to trade my moment for the pre. The processor and wifi have me sold over the pixi, but i'm not sure about the keyboard. What i'm wondering is if the pre keyboard is good to text on? (i send from 60-100 texts a day) or should i just get a pixi?
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    Only real way to know is to try both. I personally, like most others here, have no issues typing on the Pre. But I also think the Pixi keyboard is better.
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    As a user who sends over 100 texts an hour(but not obsessed), the Pre keyboard has no downfall. Never used a Pixi but the Pre is just fine for me.
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    haha, my second line, i swapped for a Moment from a Pre. They both have their pluses.
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    haha, my second line, i swapped for a Moment from a Pre. They both have their pluses.
    Yeah, but the moment has too many negatives. android is great, but besides the keyboard the moment sucks.
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    i like it. a lot more usability. App count helps, plus I like the interface.
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    Comes down to personal choice, I think. For me, I preferred the Pixi keyboard, but the extra memory and better processor on the Pre sold me.

    I've only had this phone for about a month, and i'm thinking about installing one of the virtual keyboard apps, considering that most of my texts are short.
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    I have hands the size of the gulf oil spill and I don't have any issues typing on the Pre.

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    I'm a big fan of this keyboard, but I still be recovering after a year of hating the virtual keyboards available for the Samsung Omnia. I also loved the Treo keyboard, and the Pre's reminds me of the Treo kb.
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    I have hands the size of the gulf oil spill and I don't have any issues typing on the Pre.
    - Considering the massive size of the spill, that's huge.

    Also, I can't say how many times I have been glad to text one handed. Horizontal sliders do not do anything for you there.
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    A lot of people get turned off by the sight of the Pre Keyboard as it looks to be too small, but after a good half hour of smacking out some texts, you begin to realize just how effortless it is. Best portrait keyboard (hate landscape) I have used besides maybe a Blackberry.
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    I find the keyboard difficult, but better than some of the virtuals that I have downloaded. Problems however are outweighed by other features of the phone.
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    If you try it out in the store, it may seem a little tricky at first. It gets a lot better after awhile, and I can now type on it as fast as any. I have gone back and used my old BlackjackII that my wife now uses, and while the speed is similar, the clickyness makes that keyboard better to use.
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    I did more than 2000 of my 2000+ posts here from the Pre's keyboard, and it really is alot better than it might look.

    That being said though,
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    No problems with the Pre keyboard for me.... haven't tried the Pixi, but I came from a Centro...
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    yes it is fairly easy to type on. You don't have to use an instructional manual to use one.
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    The pre keyboard is great, and probably underrated too. When I really get going I can actually type on it without looking. Try doing that on a virtual keyboard.
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    This is my first phone with a hardware keyboard, and after almost 2 months I like it a lot. Aside from the double key issues (Verizon Pre Plus) the keyboard feels great.
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    Its fine, coming close to 6 months without a complaint. The less feedback then normal keyboards doesn't bother me because Ive just become accustom to the pre and I can type 50+wpm when I get going. one handed I can do almost 20. Its 100times better then a virtual keyboard.
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    I didn't like the Pre keyboard for the first 2 weeks of owning it. Then it grew on my, and now a year later, i just sent a text out without looking at the keyboard and i didn't make any mistakes! The size is perfect for one handed or two handed texts. When i tried to text on my girl's Samsung Rant, my fingers hurt as you have to move them so far reach the keys!

    I say after some practice, the Pre keyboard and device will be your favorite.
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