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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    - Considering the massive size of the spill, that's huge.

    You know what they say about a man with big hands......

    Big gloves.

    As far as the keyboard goes, I like it more than most horizontal sliders I have used and I can type pretty fast on it (40 wpm last I checked).

    I would stay away from the Pixi in general. My mom had one for a while and she was annoyed by its response time. She eventually upgraded to a Pre. While the Pixi keyboard is a bit better (not leaps and bounds) the overall package of the Pre is much better. You will adjust fine to the Pre's keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fopp View Post
    Well, i am wanting to trade my moment for the pre. The processor and wifi have me sold over the pixi, but i'm not sure about the keyboard. What i'm wondering is if the pre keyboard is good to text on? (i send from 60-100 texts a day) or should i just get a pixi?
    I have big fingers and I always have to retype eveything. its ok for normal fingers I guess
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    should preface that it has too many negatives for you, not in general. The Moment running 2.1 is a very good phone. And generally speaking, the Pixi is much easier to type on than the Pre (Sprint's or the Plus).
    Quote Originally Posted by fopp View Post
    Yeah, but the moment has too many negatives. android is great, but besides the keyboard the moment sucks.
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    Got fat fingers, works really good for me.
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    Keyboard works fine. I find that I type using my thumbnails. When I try just using the pads of my thumbs, it seems to work almost as well, but habitually I stick to using the nails. If you've got fat thumbs without nails, you might struggle.

    I bought a Body Glove two-piece cover from Verizon. It's skin-tight and fits the phone amazingly well. It gives the phone a nice, hefty feel, as well as providing it with a good, grippy surface. However, it tends to crowd the top row of the keyboard. The bottom edge of the front cover, with the phone is slid open all the way, sits close enough to the keyboard to impinge on its use just a little bit. Again, I would say that if you've got average-size hands and you don't chew your nails to the quick, you can get used to it.

    This is my first phone with a real keyboard, so I've got nothing for comparison. I would say from observation that the Blackberry keyboard gives you more maneuvering room, but then you also have to deal with the general bulk of having a bigger phone.

    I've had my Verizon Pre Plus for three or four months now, and while I can't say that I'm thrilled with it (or would choose it again), I can't imagine going to a non WebOS phone.

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    The pre keyboard for me is the one of the best. I think the only downfall is trying to type fast laying on my back. :-)
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    If you have small thumbs, then you should be easy to type with.
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    Keyboard is great, just get it, you'll love it!
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