ok...i'll try to explain this the best i can.

all along my Pre has been working great using the messaging app. i have my google talk, facebook and AIM. all of which work perfectly.

yesterday i added my friends AIM screen name to his contact entry in my phone so it says his name in the messaging instead of his AIM name. now whenever i receive a message from him the scrolling in that chat is all messed up. i have to scroll up to see the new message and there is a big empty space underneath the chat log. when i send a message it doesn't show up in the chat history until i go back to the contact list then back to the message

i've tried removing the AIM screen name from my friends contact entry, i've tried removing my AIM account and re-syncing it with no luck. this problem only happens on the one user, all other aim/facebook/google talk contacts work fine and i have most of them synced with their profile in my contact list. and talking to my friend before syncing the screen name with his profile worked fine.

only thing i can think of now is to doctor my phone and i really don't want to do that

i've tried removing the aim account, removing the aim screen name from my friends contact page, after all that i've done a hard reboot (shut down, removed the battery) then re-synced AIM. after syncing AIM his screen name is still messed up. also the chat log shows more messages then there actually are. i've tried deleting all the message histories....no love...

anyone with any ideas before i doctor my pre? thanks guys

like i said the only difference was when i added his screen name to his contact profile on my phone