had the usb/ screen crack - went to store and after a tiny bit of resistance they agreed to swap it out under warranty. just got the new phone yesterday (took one day). it is a refurb - with october 09 activation date. has pearl button. visually is flawless. opens and closes much easier than my previous phone which i got (on exchange) in early july 09. buttons seem the same. battery seems better tho i''m testing more today.

one thing that i found - that i LOVE - is that it saved all my downloaded apps. it even recreated the launcher the way i had it and the icons were probably about 75% in the correct places (or near enough) on the pages. i was shocked that this happened and was prepared to redownload them all. i had searched this forum previously regarding this but didn't find any info on what happened to the downloaded apps. they were all 'grayed out' with a black circle but they then started downloading and all is good!

all and all a much better and easier exchange then i anticipated!