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    Has anyone here given props to Ryan Shrout over at PC Perspective for being a card carrying Palm Pre lover?

    I know we all love to harp on Buzz Out Loud and CNET, but in ep 104 of the PC Per podcast, Ryan was very clear about his love of WebOS and how great it would be on a tablet.

    Ryan, if you're listening...

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    I second this he has been giving webos love for a while now... And now that colleen is leaving Twit there won't be as many awkward interruptions.
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    "Card carrying" -- I get it, clever!

    I also saw a short blip on D!VICE about webOS coming to HP's Slate:

    "Further details are scarce at this point, though we can't help but get a little excited at the idea of WebOS being tailored for a tablet. The iPad is fun to use, sure, but it's hard not to think of it as just a larger interface for the iPhone's operating system. We want something really built from the ground up."

    HP Slate officially alive, ditching Windows 7 for Palm WebOS | DVICE

    People out there like it!
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    what about dwight shrewt?
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    I thought Dwight hated smart phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    I thought Dwight hated smart phones
    Very possible. Awaiting his review nevertheless....

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