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    ok, so for about two weeks now I haven't been able to update my apps. If I go to the app catalog and just happen to find an update I get it. But when I go to the 'Update' app built into the phone, it sits there and says 'checking for updates.' what's wrong???please help.
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    Is it possible that you have a phantom app:
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    how do you obtain a phantom app, cause i know i didnt download it. this all started when palm released that tether app. I went to grab it and it failed to install. i tried restarting my phone and trying it and that didnt install it either. So, i deleted the app and when i went to the catalog, it was gone. think that may have something to do with it???
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    im not seeing a phantom app. isnt this discovered by going to the "App Catalog" and the bag at the bottom right corner. When it shows the list of apps, i looked for the blank slot, didnt see one.

    **not sure if this will help, but i can download apps, i just cant update them when i go to "Updates"**
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    There is no phantom app. The link bevcraw provided goes to the thread in which this problem was previously raised. Click the link.

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