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    How do you setup the G-Mail accounts? My Yahoo accounts set up fine but I have never been able to get the gmail accounts to work???? Every time I try to add it, nothing happens.
    Gmail accounts have been the easiest to add for me.... To add a a gmail account: Open email>tap dropdown menu in upper left>choose Preferences & Accounts> scroll down and tap "Add an Account"> enter login info.
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    Just setup my gmail account - easy as pie. Setup for "as mail arrives" and works as fast as exchange (I have exchange for work, one yahoo, one gmail). No issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    The limit is 16 total email accounts any combination.
    Good to know. I had 6 at one time, back down to 3 now until I decide I should monitor the kids' email then back up a couple.
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