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    This is the answer that worked for me...on two different Pre's:
    Did you notice any springs under the button? The sprint store I called said they have the buttons but not the spring that goes under the button.

    When I took mine off, it did pop off and go flying, so I don't know if there was a spring in there or not.

    One of the tabs on my button is broken, so maybe I can get a new button and try some of the suggestions.

    For example, do you just cut a piece of the balloon and place inside the hole in the phone (on top of the switch) and then re-install the plastic button on top of that?
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    Well, I just came back from the Sprint Store, it appears that the button is now fixed.

    It doesn't feel like a "launch day" Pre but the button is working better than before. Sometimes it still feels a little "spongy" but I can live with it for now.

    I left Preware and all the Homebrew apps as well as the Mugen 1400 battery in it and nobody said anything about it.
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    I do not think there was a spring. My switch came off slow enough, that I would have seen it.
    The springyness is lost when the small round switch underneath the button flattens out and no longer pops the button back up. That is why paper, or rubber is added. It acts as a squishy bumper.

    I put a piece of paper when mine went bad. The button hardly moves up or down, but still hits the switch when pressed. It feels more like pressing one of the keypad keys. It is different, but I like a little more.
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    Well, Sprint's first attempt at a fix lasted less than a week. Each day the power button got harder to press, until it wouldn't work anymore.

    Took it back to the same Sprint store, and in less time than their first attempt, I had a "perfect" power button again. Feels like a launch day pre with the nice "click" response. I just hope this one holds up.
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