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    Ok I got my pre to be recognized once with wm, i never have been able to get it to work with i tunes. Also I drop songs on it thru the standard my computer/palmpre icon there but some songs are not recognized. I have both wma and mp3 files, anyone got an idea or had this issue?
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    With itunes, Apple released an update to block the pre out, so you can no longer connect with itunes.

    As with the other stuff, don't really know :S
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    As far as I know, wma is not supported. The listed supported types are MP3, AAC (typically as *.m4a), AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV.
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    ^^^ exactly

    .wma files aren't supported and as far as itunes, you would have to run a version that is 9.0.2 or before (I believe). Otherwise, use a better solution for music with MediaMonkey, DoubleTwist, or Songbird. All of which will have a similar layout to iTunes, but offer full integration and more features for the Pre.
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    DoubleTwist is good stuff and it also is in a relationship with Amazon....which is all kinds of handy considering so is your webOS device.

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    I've been using itunes 9.0.2 and still works great for my mp3's and movies.
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