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    To answer the op's question, it just depends. There are plenty of threads about this. Yesterday I forgot my charger when I went to work. I had taking it off the Touchstone at 100% at 6am. Drove to work with mp3 playing via Music Remix for 25 minutes. Used the phone for PIM stuff, some emails, browsed the web for about 45 minutes worth of time during the course of the day. Played a 2 minute video for someone that I had recorded with the device. By the time I got home, 4:15ish, I had 30%, this is with the tasks, email, messaging client (signed into Google Talk), and Outline Tracker open the entire time. This was actually one of the worst days I had seen battery wise

    The night before, at 100% at 10pm, the phone was at 92% at 5am (with the same 4 apps open that I listed above - I rarely close these apps). That's 7 hours and only 8% battery drain. Pretty typical for me. Sometimes it dips to 90% or, on rare occasion, as low as 88%. My GPS, WiFi, and phone radios are always on (I never turn them off), but bluetooth is off and my brightness is always set below 20%, unless I'm in direct sunlight.

    It's all about the usage. Clearing the FUD is easy, though. Check the Talk Time for the phones. That will be the best way to compare battery life. Of course, some phones have larger batteries and can last longer because of them. There are, as you see here, larger batteries available for the Pre/Pre+.

    Touchstone FTW, BTW!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey View Post
    Does the Mugen still have that issue of not charging past 76% when used with the Touchstone?
    I have been using the Mugen 1400 battery now for 6 months and I have never had this issue with my battery, same goes for both of my kids. When you first get your Mugen battery, the instructions that comes with it states that for best results you must first charge the battery to 100% and then run down the battery until your phone shuts down and they recommend doing this at least 3 to 4 times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Can you tell us what the rated output is for the external Palm charger is? I read that a achieving a fully charged Pre requires 1,000ma of charging power, but that particular spec is missing from and everywhere else the charger is sold... Do you know how much output it provides? Same question for the Touchstone. I can't find that info here or on

    Thanks! It is so great that you are willing to hang with us and not just the forums!

    The Pre can charge using either the 1A wall adapter either directly with USB or via the Touchstone. There is not a significant difference in the charging power of direct USB or Touchstone from the 1A wall adapter. You can also power the device from a USB hub or PC port, but those are limited to 500mA (the standard power rating for a USB hub). (Note: Touchstone requires the 1A power adapter to charge the device)

    In all cases, the device will regulate the battery recharging so that it will fully charge regardless of the power input method (PC or wall charger). The main difference being that it takes longer to fully charge when using a lower voltage. Both will fully charge the battery in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    Can the algorithms used to find which tower the phone talks to be changed? My biggest battery drain is always from being in my house where the phone is constantly hopping between roaming and edge. I'm on sprint, fwiw. Yes, I used a airave in the past, but eventually it just stopped functioning, and I wasn't about to keep paying for a service that never worked. Even when functioning, the phone continued to have the problem.
    I have a similar problem when I'm at home. I've found I get better battery life with my radio set on EVDO Rev 0 instead of Rev A with very little drop in performance.
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    thanks for that info. Fantastic.

    the thing I am still looking for is the output of the exterm charger. The device that I use to charge a spare battery with no connection the the phone. What is the output of that device.
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    thanks guys.

    a few of you lost me but i dont think some of those were directed at me anyway. i'll look into this "Mugen 1400 battery" and reread wat was said i guess.

    thanks regardless.
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