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    if you own a (new) o2 pre (plus) and you don't see any paid apps (although everybody says there are) it might be, because you installed a small update (approx 1 mb). it upgrades your webos from build 202 to 205, and at the same time screwing up a good part of the app catalog including ALL paid apps. it also does not show you a lot of free apps (although you can get most of them with the IPK fetcher)

    you can check your build in the device info -> tap on your webos 1.4.1 bar and it will show you the build version. if you have 205 and want paid apps, you can run the doctor. it will put you back to 1.4.1 202

    edit: i noticed that it will install automatically sooner or later. so i turned the automatic updates off ( i really wish there was a "cleaner" way to do it.
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