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    When I sync my ipod, my photos in iphoto on my Mac (over 9000 pics) load on to the device using only 7 gigs of space. I tried to import the same photo files onto my Pre Plus, but they would only load in high resolution format and therefore couldn't come close to fitting on the phone. Any suggestions on how to compress my photo library to fit onto my phone?
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    You would probably have to use a program like Gimp or Photoshop to manually edit the size. There may be a free batch process software but I am not aware of one at the moment. I'm guessing iPhoto uses a special compression algorithm for iDevices. (I just manually drag and drop from my Mac/PC to my Pre using Finder/Explorer).
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    Hook up your Pre in USB mode.

    In iPhoto, choose "export", choose appropriate location on your Pre, then select whatever file size you choose. iPhoto give you a number of choices, from full size, large, medium, to small. Choose medium. That is all the resolution you will need on the Pre.

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