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    I know this may not be new to many of you, but it was to me yesterday. To explain, I use my Pre every time I drive. I plug it into an adaptor that plugs into the cassette player on my 05' Ford Ranger. Pandora or my own music list is what I play while I drive. I have always been impressed with the sound quality it produces from my stock stereo and speakers.

    Well I was picking up my 9 year old yesterday and he wanted to play some Brothers in Arms (Gee how he re-loves this game after finding about about BIA II. He asks me almost every day if I'm buying it or not). So anyway he grabbed the phone still plugged in and loaded the game. Once the game started and the sound came on we were both totally blown away. The sound quality of the game through the car stereo was IMPRESSIVE!!! I mean it literally sounded like we were in a movie theater. It was so crisp and clear it was just amazing. When I got home I joked with the wife that if I'm sitting in my truck on the driveway apparently doing nothing, that in reality I'm playing video games on my Pre!!!
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    HA! I'm going to go try that right now. I have always thought the graphics on my pre were great. If you add surround sound, I may have to get a seat warmer for those cold nights in my driveway.
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    My MP3 ringtones just about blow me away when they come through the car speakers.
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