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    After I took advantage of Verizon's free Hotspot offer, I am no longer able to hotsync through MotionApps Classic. I am an avid PocketQuicken user. I run PocketQuicken in Classic and then sync to my Laptop running Windows Vista. Ever since running Mobile Hotspot for the first time, I am unable to Hotsync to my laptop. I have tried re-entering the IP address. I even tried tethering the laptop to the Pre and Hotsync with the tether IP address. Has anyone else had this problem? MotionApps says that it has nothing to do with their software.

    Any help is appreciated
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    well, I use Pocket Mirror to sync my Pre to Outlook. I thought about doing it in classic but I figured it would have it's limits...

    My guess is that this might have something to do with the version of webOS... Are you on VZ? and are you on I know there were changes to MHS as of 1.4

    It used to be something you had to pull out of the app store. With 1.4 it magically appeared on everyone's launcher, and they had made some changes as it became "free"
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    I am running webOS on my Pre Plus. Yes, my service is through Verizon. I am using gSyncit to sync with Outlook, so I only need to Hotsync Pocket Quicken to my laptop. I have WiFi set to use automatic IP settings.

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