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    First of all, I loved the Pre. Not so much for the hardware but WebOS is the best mobile OS going. The hardware, not so much. It all came down to price. I paid full price for the unit. I have an upgrade available in know what that means. I just could not use it with the iPhone on the horizon. I have to take the wait and see approach being a corporate iPhone user.

    Ultimately I want a Pre. My question is when do you think we will see some on craigslist going for what the Verizon versions are selling for? You can snag a Verizon Pre Plus for $150 easily and sometimes less.

    Also, the app catalog. What strategy do you think HP will take to get us more apps? WebOS is going to need the mainstream apps like ESPN, eBay, Paypal, USA Today, Skype, Craigsphone and others.

    And finally, when do you think we will start seeing new hardware developing?

    So for now, I will sit back and wait a month or so. I will use my upgrade for the iPhone. I know myself to well though. I am a phone junkie and I will get another Pre as soon as the price works for me.
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    I'm in the same boat. I laid $426 taxes included and think it's just a big spending investment for the Pre+ on AT&T when other people are getting it for only $50 (amazon) and what then, it will depreciate in value and I would have just thrown $400+ into the bad recession. No way I will wait also and go return my Pre+ for now and just wait out with my iPhone 3GS until it drops down in price and also:

    Until some apps are released to their respective version

    - documents to go from dataviz (Web OS version)
    - full support for note and bookmarks (a must for such a superior web browser), syncing w/o having to purchase 3rd party software.
    - eBay (Web OS version)

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