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    As a former BB 8330 Curve user (sitting on my desk unused) I believe you will be thrilled with the change, should you take the leap. You will no longer have to deal with a blizzard of menus, or a trackball selection that goes awry because the ball moved just as you pressed it in, or the constant blinking red light when you are reading a website (the blinking, and blinking, and blinking...oh stop it!!). The Pre "gently" notifies you of a new message at the bottom of the screen where you can quickly swipe it away or take it, as it will give a quick preview of the message.

    The web browser is light years ahead of the BB's. You get full web pages almost all of the time, and you can pinch out to zoom into the web page, and pinch in to zoom out of the web page. You can rotate the phone to landscape for easier reading. You can also open links in new browser cards (windows) allowing you to open more than one site at a time. It's also much easier to see if you have applications running, as they show up in card view which is far superior to the "menu key" "show all apps" of the BB OS.

    Email integration is better in some ways, not so in others. For me it's far better because I can actually set the time for my road runner emails to be checked, and I can also quickly force it to check. With BB it was always wait 15 minutes. On account I have waiting 15 minutes, the other an hour. But I can just go in and force a check anytime. Plus it will automatically check you inbox when you send emails or go into your email account from the main screen. You can synch multiple Exchange accounts and see multiple calendars, with their own separate color, synced to your phone as well.

    It's hard to really list everything that is better about it. I just wished my wife had given it a shot instead of just saying "it's different and I'm used to BB". She went from the 8330 to the newer 8530 Curve and she doesn't like it as much, plus it feels cheaper than the 8330. She's dealing with it. I think she would have loved this phone if she had given it a chance. As I think most people would.
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    I love it sooooo much
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    I don't think that you will find a more intuitive, enjoyable and easy to use phone. And I still don't accept that I'm old at 62.
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    Despite my chronological age, " I won't grow up..."

    Seriously, I was nothing close to a techie before I discovered this phone and Operating System, and I can now patch, tweak, troubleshoot, and even talk tech with the IT guys at work. The Pre is so easy to use, and so much fun, the techieness just sort of sneaks up on you. And as Complex Pants said, you are never to old to learn something new.
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