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    When I recieve picturemail with a txt message, I can only view the picture when I open the message. I'll only see the txt when i get the notification or if I attempt to forward the message. Is anyone else experiencing this error. Is there a fix/patch for this?

    I was unable to find anything related to this topic on the forums. If there is, can someone post the link.
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    Yup that happens to me too. I just read the text from outside the threaded message lol.
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    Same here.
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    Is there any updates on this issue?
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    I've seen this as well, mostly from my wife who sends the picture mail from her blackberry. the problem, I think, is that rather than sending a pic and text, it is sent as a pic with a title, and the title doesn't display as text in the messaging app.

    If you tap the pic, however, and select "copy text," you can paste it into the text box where you would type, and see what it says. Not the most ideal way to see the text, but it works.
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    Same here, and sometimes I'll get the text but no picture.

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