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    My cousin, who is not too much into technology, wanted to make the leap into smartphones this weekend. His younger brother AND brother-in-law touted the power to Andriod to him. He wanted to stay with Sprint, and came home with an HTC Hero on Saturday.

    I went over to his house on Sunday and played with the Hero. I was not impressed in the LEAST bit. Reminded me of WinMo. Regardless, I first started by showing him my phone. I showed him all the features. He LOVED it. He then played with his Hero for 5 minutes, then came back and asked to play with the pre a little longer.

    Finally, he said, "I gotta get one of these instead". So he goes to a Sprint store in PHX and says "i'll meet you at your house in a little bit" (we were going to the basketball game).

    Well, he shows up at my house with the Hero again. "What Happened?" I asked. He said the salesperson said the Palm isn't as polished, didn't have as many apps, and that Palm was going out of business soon. She suggested that he "trial the Hero longer since he has 30 days. He'll love Andriod".

    I WAS IRATE. I dragged him back to the Sprint store and got a rep. We told them we wanted to exchange. "Well the Palm pre, I Wouldn't....."... BANG, I had to cut them off.. "Just get it. Palm has been bought out by HP, and will live on forever. Developers are creating apps at a rate of over 100/week. I've had my phone since August with not ONE SINGLE ISSUE. Give us what we want or we'll speak with your manager". Done.

    Needless to say, I spoke with him this morning. He's ECSTATIC about the change. What I didn't realize was the fuss at a SPRINT store? I thought this was only happening at Verizon.

    Just thought I'd share my experience. Any others encountering issues? BTW, this is the first time this has happened. I've gone to sprint stores before with friends and nobody has been negative on the Pre before. Hmmmmm.

    Also, a little tidbit. Spoke with the manager as well (Cactus and Tatum). Said a Palm rep told him there should be a new phone out before the end of the year, on Sprint.
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    Way to go! Its frustrating when Palm's greatest enemy seems to be Sprint employees.
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    It is funny how much they are pushing the Hero when it is out of date anyway. Must have a lot of old stock....
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    i wish palm would send undercover shoppers to different sprint store and ask about the pre so they could see what the employees say about it and their attitude towards it
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    Just goes to show how little salespeople in phone stores know about the products they are selling.
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