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    Quote Originally Posted by rebirth24 View Post
    Installed WebOS Quick Install and did the following:

    Dev Mode
    Connect Pre
    Downloaded FileMgr Service
    Downloaded Internalz
    Click Install

    And... nothing. Don't see Internalz anywhere on the Pre. Am I supposed to be at a certain rev level on the Pre for this to work?
    What webOS version are you on?
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    My Bad Gents! Had the device in USB mode instead of 'Just Charge'. Been a while for me. Going to give getting this Update issue resolved now.
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    Are Apps stored anywhere other than "/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/"? I have pretty much nothing in there and have even reinstalled what I believe to be the offending app and I am still having this problem.
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    My issue was the Facebook beta. A reinstall of that app fixed my app updates issue, and all was well in the world.
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    my solution was:
    1 creating backups (SaveRestore + Pre Backup Unility)
    2 doctoring
    3 creating new profile
    4 restoring backups (SaveRestore + Pre Backup Utility)

    because i have deleted all the app folders that aren't installed any more.. but it hadn't helped

    p.s. Pre backup utility - because it saves and restores all the contacts that are on the palm profile but the new profile had no data and restores all the messages (sms)
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Send me a PM with your palm profile email address. keep popping up) thanks for help
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    I don't get it, at this point in the game; uninstalling apps give issues?
    Anyway if is released will the WebOS update take precedence over the app updates. In other words do I have to fix this issue before I will see the update once sprint gets off their butts :-)

    Guess if I don't see the update after I know it is released I will Dr then create new Palm account I guess sounds like the only real fix, that or wait for someone from Palm to look at the issue within the profile. How come we don't have access to our own profiles? It'd be nice to see what info Palm is storing about us!
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