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    I dropped my Pre and the screen broke. I got 2 broken power button Pre's from my Cousin. I fixed the one Pre by sticking in a small piece of paper behind the button and it worked. I called Sprint and told them that I had broke my screen on the original Pre and wanted to use the other Pre I had fixed. Everything is good to go.

    I couldn't fix the other Pre power button easily so I took the screen from the other broken power button Pre's with the main circuit board and used the remaining parts & circuit boards from the Pre the screen was broke with.

    Surgery went well but...

    The phone has the information (email,text messiging, Apps background etc from the broken power button Pre but in the device info it shows my old phone # from the broken screen Pre. It shows my Cousin as the registered name with my Sprint email address.

    Will there be a problem trying to activate it with Sprint?
    Why doesn't it show my Cousins number?

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    I should think the problem would be figuring out what the serial number / ESN is. It sounds like it may be from the broken screen Pre. By combining two Pres, you've essentially created a new device, if I understand correctly. But the key is which original device had the radio. And since it has your broken screen info for the phone number, it's quite possible the radio part is from that device. There could be other info the radio needs that comes from the other half, however. I think you're definitely in uncharted waters.

    Good luck!
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    haha, you created a frankenpre. Good luck on activation, let us know how it goes.
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    It sounds like you already did an ESN swap with sprint which would cause your frankenpre to have your phone number on it even tho it still has your cousins information on it. You may want to doctor it just to keep from having software problems in the future, but it will prolly solve your frankenpres identity crisis as well. :-)
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    Do you mean the device name in Device Info, i.e. where it defaults to "(name)'s Palm Pre"?

    You can tap on it to change it.

    And after doing such a hardware swap, I would do a doctor then try again.
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    The other wierd thing is the esn # in the device info matches the one behind the battery but the serial number is swapped.
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    Sounds to me like you have indeed made a frankenpre. The main logic board and the radio board are separate, but obviously there is some info on the logic board that is fouling up your setup. The question will be is if that info is in ROM or if it is something that can be updated.

    As others have suggested, run webosdoctor on your phone, and run the first use app giving it all your information as usual. Then recheck those setting and see if they update. If they do or don't, that will be important news for many of us who are interested in hardware hacks, so please let us know what happens.
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    I will Dr the phone but probably will not get to it till a few days but will update the thread with the results.
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