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    Ok back again lol. I installed preware and I've downloaded plenty of patches with out issue. Now, I'm trying to get the virtual keyboard app. When i install it everything goes fine until it says success. It just gets stuck there. I've let it sit for ten minutes and nothing happens. I've read around the forum and noone seems to have this problem. Any Ideas?
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    wait so you're saying that it says 'success' and not installed? Are you sure lol.
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    hmmm... i used virtual keyboard back around nov 09, i had to reboot the phone for it to work, does anyone still use it? if so, have their been any changes to it, is it any better than before?

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    Having the same problem. It is repeatable (and frustrating).

    1) Preware
    2) Install Virtual Keyboard Patch
    3) Success but the spinner just spins forever (or until you get tired and close Preware)


    1) Preware
    2) Uninstall Virtual Keyboard
    3) Removing Patch
    4) Removing Success!
    5) Restart Luna

    Could it be the UberKernel bumping into the patch?
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    I still use the VKB on my Sprint Pre. I use it only when I am in Landscape and want to quickly reply to a text or input some text into a web field.

    Make sure youre double-tapping when the cursor is in an editable field, just in case you are doing something wrong.

    This may not solve your issue, but I ran a few utilities that helped with an IPKG error when I had to reinstall the VKB:
    -Unistall the patch (if Preware acknowledges it as installed)
    -In Preware, run the "Cleanup VKB Files" patch
    -reboot and reinstall via Preware.
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    Mine did the same thing, i left the screen on for several minutes and then it finally finished on it's own. It asked me to restart the phone then the phone froze. i manually reboot the phone and it's now working...

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G
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    Having the same issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocOx View Post
    Having the same issue.
    i simply waited and eventually it completed on it's own.

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G
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    hmmm... imagine that. I just left it sitting for about five or ten minutes (I lost track) and it finally finished on its own. However, the space key doesn't work (i.e. it doesn't put a space in the text, the space key itself works). And it's very slow.

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