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    uberkernel with governer set to screenstate (off 250mhz) really helps battery life. signed into batterydrainer IM+ battery loses only 0.63%/hr
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    I've learned that you can swipe up from the gesture area to unlock the screen, and that is soooo much better than pushing that little lock around with my thumb.

    Also, tapping the gesture area is a more convenient way to move an application in and out of card view.

    These tips make one-handed operation (one-thumb is more accurate) easier, and generally lend to the flow when holding the phone in one hand. If I wanted to use two hands, maybe I'd have the MotoDroid. I like doing all my gesturing and typing with one hand...
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    I've found that if your Pre is open and charging on the touchstone, hitting any of the keys will unlock it.
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    Here's a tip that I'm guessing many people don't know:

    When viewing a video in YouTube, swipe to the left for a quick, few second rewind and to the right for a quick, few second fast forward. I have had this come in handy SO many times.
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    My tip:

    I had no idea there was data roaming on sprint. Data roaming is off by default and you can turn if on by opening the phone application and hitting preferences on the top left. The option is in there.
    The data "limit" for Sprint is 300 MB, which is quite a bit.
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    Drag up to unlock?

    To bypass dragging up to unlock, just open the slider.
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    If you want an accurate gps on apps like foursquare or gowalla, first open the google maps app and let it locate you, then open foursquare/gowalla or whatever and you will have a faster and more accurate gps fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    An extended battery doesn't necessarily perform better than stock (seido 1350 was losing 10-13% per hour, stock 1150 is losing 5-8 per hour)
    Hmmm... My findings were exactly opposite of yours. Especially after cycling the battery a few times.
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    Despite looking through all relevant topics in the help app, I missed the part where you could open links in a new card by holding down the shift key and tapping the link.
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    it's not the shift key - it's the orange wonder key...

    hold down orange key - tap link..
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