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    I have a sprint pre but I want to flash it to work on cricket. i've researched this a lot, but i've only found that i can pay people to do it for me. if there's a way, why can't i just do it myself?
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    You need to add the ESN to the network for it to work (or use a fake ESN which is illegal and would cost the same because you would have to buy a phone to take the ESN from) so you have to go to a cricket store and pay to have it done
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    oh, the cricket store would gladly do it for me? I thought they'd frown upon it or something. i'd be more than happy to have them do it.
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    They have no problem with it it's one of the biggest things that brings customers in
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    that's awesome! I'd be paying $50 less a month and get pretty much the same thing! Thanks! do you know how much they charge for it?
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    Around $47 but it has been a while since I had them in 07
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    ah. ok. and it will have web and all that?
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    Yes as long as you do it in a Cricket store
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    sweet thanks man! this news made my day.
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    I have seen some threads about problems trying to update WebOS while on Cricket. it appears that if you try to update, it may take your Pre back to the original network.
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    There are a few threads talking about issues with the Pre not getting web access on Cricket too... might want to search the forums for Cricket and feedback threads.
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    I initially had the same problem. However, after opening the Terminal, I found a nice set of commands which the flasher had left to repair evdo problems. Try opening the Terminal to see if you have a menu of commands, such as 'ev4g help', or 'ev4g fix'. (typing 'ev4g fix', then enter, repaired my 3G connectivity to cricket, so I now have a fully functional web browsing experience on Cricket with my new pre. I hope this helps.)

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