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    Hi guys,

    I have had the palm pre for 2 months now.
    I use it just as a phone to make calls, plus one other app with classic + medical drug reference program (so I could ditch carrying around a phone and my palm TX).

    The Pre has made me late twice now for work (I'm a doctor) because the alarm would not go off. I could have sworn I set the alarm and saw that little notification icon at the bottom, yet it disappears in the morning with no alarm going off. OK I forgive you palm (I have read the other post on alarms not going off). So... I thought hey I'll try to fix this problem lets scroll to sounds and ringtones, damn phone resets as I'm scrolling through the icons.


    Buggy piece of...

    Love the phone but hate the problems that we casual users have to deal with.

    Hope other people are having a better experience,

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    Hi fib, and Welcome!

    Sorry to hear about your having issues with the alarm! Most people who have shared this issue end up using a different alarm clock on the device. There are a couple of very good alarm clocks available in the Homebrew community on Preware. Examples would be Timepiece and DigiClock. Both free apps are MUCH better than the stock alarm clock and would be well worth the try for you! Hopefully, either of these two apps can get you loving your WebOS device like I do!

    What medical program are you still needing the Classic app to run? In case you are using this and didn't know: Epocrates is available for WebOS, along with others... are there still a lot of med apps that haven't been brought from classic to WebOS?
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    Also, if you first delete your current alarms and then set new ones, they should start working again.
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    Wow thanks for the suggestions.

    I'll try timepiece, should be worth the money hehe.

    I'm using MIMS on PDA as it is more relevant for where i'm working (Australia).
    I was thrilled that I was able to purchase Motion Apps for the qwertz GSM pre

    Oh happy days!
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    Hi fib, welcome and I'm sorry to hear that u too late for work twice. Well, me too. At home, I've revert back to good old desktop alarm clock to faitfully wake me up.

    Having had that hiccup, I still love my Pre very much and still exploring it everyday. Stay tune, more medical apps is coming. (trying to learn webos programming now) If i'm not mistaken, u can search MIMS database with DrugView. And MediPDA will mostlikely eventually become the MedCalc of WebOS (BTW, if there is any formulas that u need to use but is not on it, can always let Palmdoc the creator knows.) I suppose when the WebOS phones hit the real world after hp finalised the buyout, we'll see most of the big names in Medical Apps return to Palm.

    Yes, HellowNNNewman, there are still lots of medical apps not been ported to WebOS yet.

    Enjoy ur Pre!
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    two things to remember. The default is to pm... I've made that mistake. Also - ring one means next day. If you set it after minight it tends to assume 24 hours...

    secong, turn the volume up. If you turn the ringer or call volume way down, you won't hear the alarm because all apps use the same volume setting (which is something they need to fix in a future release).
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    Yeah, it's been a year. But it is still very buggy imo.

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