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    I may be in the wrong place, but I wanted to reach the general Pre audience. I tried some of the first themes that came out (Iron Man, Batman), and found that my Pre ran much slower with a theme. I also found that, in removing the theme, something was always left behind and I had to Doctor my phone to get rid of the leftovers.

    Has this changed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    Yes, they are more trouble than they are worth? or Yes, things have changed?

    I think they are more trouble than they are worth... But I'm also not really into them either
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    yes, they are problematic.. I have only tried one, and it made the too many cards error pop up nonstop.... That being said, I appreciate all the hard work the devs put into them. Just wish they could be installed in patch form
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    I been using themes and made my own since they came out. I only had one problem with a theme being 'stuck' and did the right steps and removed it. Themes only changed images and the ones that changes files can be the ones with problematic. You install all homebrew stuff at your own risk, if you don't know how to remove it then don't install it!

    By the Way: I love themes! And enjoy making them!
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    From my experience, they are no problem. I'm just careful of what themes I install, and just like any other tweaks, there is is always a risk involved. Themes like the Original Blue theme are very dependable. I'm currently using the Ultimate Pre theme.
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    I have borked a theme once..... I just had to use webos qi to delete the theme directory (the theme removed but left some files that wouldn't allow me to install a new theme). Once the directory was gone I was able to install themes, have been running a theme on both my phone and my wife's since october, no problems that I have seen thus far other than the one incident on my phone when I was pretty new to the pre and was reinstalling a theme after an update using webos qi. I change my theme every couple of weeks now....
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    No problems here, I've installed a few, finally settled on one that's got better integration that most (at least for me, I'm not big on flashy stuff, but I do want it all to at least match). No problems with errors, no problems removing, nada. Do make sure you know how to fix things if something does go wrong, remember, many of these theme makers are flying by the seat of their pants, so something could go wonky on you. I tend to look at the ones that have frequent updates, at least you know the theme builder is fixing any bugs found and reported.
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    I had a problem with a stuck theme once a long time ago. That was back when I was using WOSQI and zip files.

    Now I don't really have any problems with ipk files, Preware or WOSQI. But I also don't install really crappy themes that are probably borked. Themes I've enjoyed the most: Glasklart, Stickers, Suave. I currently use the Suave theme modified with the alternative starry background and a completely grayed phone application with black dial buttons combined with the Glass Effects Suite. Love the way it looks now and I don't have slowdown problems. In fact, I run 720mhz usually, but I reset the phone today and forgot to reapply my Govnah profile, so I ran at 500mhz for a good while before noticing. I was really surprised at how speedy it all seemed.
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    The only two themes I have are the Blue Dialer and the Glass Effect Suite. That pretty much changes the entire feel of the phone (along with my other 58 patches).

    So, who needs themes when you've got amazing patches?

    Trust me, if I thought my phone needed a graphical overhaul I would just do it myself. I've made many themes for the iPhone, and I enjoy doing it. I just don't think the Pre needs all that much done to it, graphically.
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    yes more trouble than they are worth. I have just the blue dialer theme along with the glass launcher patch. works for me.
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    I have the P! Theme based on the Original Blue theme and I've had no troubles. With previous themes I had problems if I didn't uninstall the current theme and then installing a new theme but that only caused icons from the old theme stay if the new theme didn't overwrite them.

    I've had the theme since January and uninstall/reinstall before and after each OS update. I've swapped new FLCL related wallpapers in and out to match my mood but I really like the theme so I've never needed to use a different one.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    I sometimes go through 10-15 themes to find one I like. The icons on some of them are way too cryptic to make any sense, or the backgrounds are just too busy. I've settled on Glass Effect with 3d Icons; very nice. And I've never had a problem with anything I've ever tried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    I had a problem with a stuck theme once a long time ago. That was back when I was using WOSQI and zip files.
    That was the one time I had a problem also..... not blaming QI, it was right after an update and something with the zip install didn't work quite right.
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    Not suprisingly, I've found that themes which change more of the default Icons and original looks of the phone, are the most sluggish. Right now I'm using Blackout (pretty lightweight and stable theme), along with Glass Effect launcher patch. No speed issues at all with my phone. Not to mention it looks damn cool.
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    I don't even know what a theme is.
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    The thing is that Preware just sucks when it comes to themes. It doesn't properly install or even uninstall for that matter.

    If you are having trouble uninstalling a theme, try installing/uninstalling it again. Doctoring is way overboard. I've had this issue, but after a few tries i was always able to revert it to factory theme with no problems.

    I have absolutely no issues with the theme at all. Absolutely no difference in how the phone operates. Original Blue Theme FTW!

    Now i go to, download the theme, and install using WOSQI. I've had no problems with WOSQI installing themes
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    Until themes become a standard feature of WebOS and not a hack, I will refrain from installing any type of theme.
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    I've used themes. I didn't find any performance issues with the ones that I used. They didn't make TMC come up more or less. But I just got tired of the fact that the themes I used change the icons of the apps that I use. Sometimes an update to that app would overwrite the themed icon and I'd struggle to find the icon I was looking for only to realize that it had changed back to its default.

    So I've gone away from themes.

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    I use a couple of themes, only one of which changes anything more than the icons and launcher/top bar menu scrims, and haven't noticed any serious lag.

    I don't mind the stock icons, but a good deal of third party icons leave a lot to be desired - fit and finish wise. Even when they are well designed they tend to be different in size than the standard icons (take up more of or all of the 64px) providing a non uniform look to the UI.
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